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A little about me...

Hi, I'm Kelsey. I'm a developer, healthcare technology consultant, and full-time human. I started my professional career in project management for an electronic medical record software company and quickly developed a passion for leveraging technology to help those who help keep us healthy. It was all of the hours spent side-by-side with these clinicians, sharing their experience using technology to improve patient care, that motivated me to continue to professional journey as a developer with a goal to create projects that have a meaningful, postive impact with simple, clean, and intuitive user experiences.

When I'm not working, I enjoy hiking (and trying to cross every national park off my bucket-list), pursuing the world's best pancakes (current #1 is "Richard's Very Good Pancakes" at Blue Heaven in Key West, FL), and finding the perfect karaoke song (ask me about my formula).

You can most likely find me by the coffee maker.

My Skills

SQL and Relational Database Management Systems
React Native


Check out some of my recent work.

QuestionAmble Image

QuestionAmble Mobile App

React Native | Ruby on Rails | PostgreSQL

A location-based mobile scavenger hunt designed to allow users to engage with their environment while testing their knowledge. Use QuestionAmble to create and take scavenger hunts, or quests, that combine trivia questions and location-based clues for an interactive experience.

Earth Hero Image

Earth Hero Web App

Sinatra | PostgreSQL | Spoonacular API

A desktop web application that allows consumers to search a database for product packaging material information by UPC with the goal of promoting responsible waste disposal through recycling.

Write good code.

I am passionate about exploring the ways in which technology can make the world a better place and am always seeking opportunities where my work can be a reflection of the positive impact technology can have.

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